Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giant Philodendrons in Lucban, Quezon

Last Black Saturday, my friends and I went to Lucban to visit Kamay ni Hesus and sample the fine cuisine of the area. I never thought that I would find the largest of my top favorite Philodendron, Philodendron x 'Olympiad' (maybe a true Philodendron pinnatifidum) and a possible Philodendron maximum. The specimens in the gardens of Southern Luzon State University and Kamay ni Hesus were truly majestic.

This giant Philodendron x 'Olympiad' was planted at the base of a tree near the College of Arts and Sciences. The bright filtered light proved to be the best place to maximize the growth of this hybrid. I was even swallowed by how wide the spread of its leaves!

This is a group of Philodendron x 'Olympiad' planted in the main garden together with another giant specimen of Medinilla magnifica. Philodendron x 'Olympiad' is the plant that started my addiction to Philodendrons, and lately I had 2 healthy specimens from my good friend Oyeth.

The plants above were possibly Philodendron maximum. They were planted near the pond. Sadly, some succumbed to direct sunlight and showed signs of sunburn. The plants were truly large, up to 2 meters in spread.
(Update 8/8/14): The plant above looked more like Philodendron giganteum.

 I have the same plant in my collection and has been the fastest growing of all the Philodendrons in the garden. My plant produces almost 1 leaf per week, and the leaves are getting bigger and bigger. I love the plant so much, I bought additional two but smaller specimens.  :)

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  1. They're beautiful, Noel, and you look so happy enjoying your hobby.