Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some Philodendrons in Chatuchak Market

Last week, I attended the VIV Bangkok to look for new products for the company. Of course, the chance to visit Chatuchak Market (also known locally as JJ Market) was top of my priority.

Incidentally, the flower market at Chatuchak opens every Tuesday and Thursday so we were able to visit because we were there on those days. True enough, the main street around the market was full of plants from big trees to small potted plants. Of course, my favorite aroid is also present. The Aglaonemas were in very good condition with brighter reds and pinks compared here in Manila. The Philodendrons were also good but local plants are also competitive in terms of size and growth vigor.

Although I managed to take many picture, I will just post those with Philodendrons in them. Not many, but the prices were very competitive. I really wish I could bring some home but I did not apply for permit. May be next time.

The small plants in the upper left tray were Philodendron melinonii and possibly from tissue culture. 

These plants were the bigger version of the small plants in the trays above. They are much smaller than their actual size when they reach maturity.

When the plants in the trays in the preceding pictures grow bigger, they will look like the plants above. They now look like the P. melinonii that can be bought in the Philippines for PhP800-1,500 each pot. Quite expensive but their mature form is truly majestic.

This picture was taken here in Manila. I uploaded this to give you an idea how P. melinonii looks when mature. The owner of this giant plant asked for PhP20,000 for this specimen. It is almost 2 meters in spread.

One of my favorite Philodendrons, P. martianum is quiet cheap in Bangkok.

This is a mature specimen of P. billietiae, I like the leaf shape and petiole color. It is still expensive .

This plant is P. tortum. The leaves are pinnate, a characteristic of this species. I've never seen this plant here in Manila, though.

This Philodendron looks like a hybrid. It is a climber and the leaves have striations too.

I cant help but post this picture of the Aglaonemas sold in Bangkok. The plants at the back were really red and almost  no green in their leaves. How I wish I can bring some home. Next time I'll apply for a quarantine permit so I can bring back some plants.

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