Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Philodendrons on Sale at the Orchid Show in QC Memorial Circle

I passed by this morning at the Orchid Show to buy some pots for my Philodendron X Orlando and P. erubscens hybrids I bought in Lipa City yesterday. I can't help but take some snapshots on some of the Philodendrons for sale.

I can't afford them because almost all are already adult specimens. Unfortunately, no names were tagged on some of the plants and when I ask the sellers they don't know the names too. So please excuse me if I cannot identify some of the hybrids.

This cute compact plant is one of the newest hybrids to grace the Philippine garden scene. The sellers call this P. 'Red Heart' but I'm not really sure since I haven't checked its name and parentage. It looked more like a Ti plant than a Philodendron. :D

This unique Philodendron has curls at the blades. It looks like a climber. The seller don't know the name of the plant, though.
(Update 8/7/14): The plant above is an aberrant form of Philodendron rugosum.

This Philodendron is quiet simple and understated. It looked like a creeper or climber given the chance. The seller call this P. 'Davao', and I'm quiet sure its wrong. Unless there's an enthusiast in Davao City actively breeding Philodendrons. hehe
(Update 8/7/14): The plant above looked like Philodendron renauxii.

 One of my dream Philodendrons, P. martianum is really amazing and unique. It's swollen petioles are for storing water and becomes thinner with age and with ample watering. It is expensive for a plant this size but who cares if you can afford it, right?

This is P. 'Green Congo'. Still a small plant but given the chance, it will become enormous and stately with proper care. Next payday, I'll buy a seedling of this hybrid. I love self-headers like the 'Congos".

Always a delight to see, P. xanadu 'Gold' is like sunshine. Its cute and compact and is a great addition to any collection. I will have one someday.

This is a Philodendron that wants to be a Syngonium sp. :)  The seller don't know the name of this plant, sadly.
(Update 8/7/14): The plant above looked like Philodendron barrosianum.

Looking for the first time at this amazing striations makes me smile with awe. It looked like P. bipinnatifidum 'Hope' but with variegations. The owner of the plant did not come early though so I wasn't able to ask the name. 

Another variegated Philodendron that caught my attention this morning. Just one side of the leaf is colored. No name was given, but it's really something to behold.

I bought a similar plant like this last week. I like its simplicity and self-heading growth. The leaves are also shiny and typical but still very nice. They call this the P. 'Spotted Congo' but comparing the two, I beg to disagree. The petiole size alone is very different.
                         (Update 8/7/14): The plant above is possibly Philodendron cordatum. Mine also have the extrafloral nectaries typical of P. cordatum. It is a valid species and not a synonym of P. hederaceum.

This nice plant is sold as P. williamsii, but it looked more to me like P. stenolobum. It is a nice plant nonetheless, only for the wrong name. I've read from my research that it is a common mistake to name P. williamsii with P. stenolobum. In fact, P. williamsii is rare and only a few reputable people and gardens have them. If only a smaller plant is available, am sure to buy one. 

A really like the shape of the leaves of this Philodendron hybrid. The seller call it serrated Philodendron. It looked like a  P. 'Ring of Fire' to me but maybe I'm wrong. I have an orange form of this plant and I hope it'll grow fast.

Another beautiful hybrid that the seller can't identify. It is a large plant and its serrated leaves really caught my attention. If only they sell smaller plants of this, I want one.

This hybrid has yellow stripes and the seller don't know the name also. It is a large plant and should be a nice plant indoors.

This large plant may be a hybrid of P. warszewiczii, but I'm not very sure. It looked like that species in some of my research. It too is a climber.

Those were the pictures taken when I visited the show to buy the pots this morning. I wish I could go back this weekend. Who knows, maybe some will lower their price, I might buy more Philodendrons for my collection as the show ends on the 11th. 

See you again this weekend after I finish repotting my Philodendrons. Enjoy your plants!

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