Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Pictures of My Philodendrons

At last, I had the opportunity to take photos of some of my Philodendrons. I repotted some of them but others were small for my pots so they will be repotted next weekend. I also went again to the Orchid Show, tomorrow is their last day.

Here are some of my Philodendrons. I don't know the names of some, I wish the sellers were more knowledgeable about their plants...

This is a big plant bought in Lipa last week. It is a self-heading Philodendron and grows quiet large.

The seller told me this is Philodendron melinonii. It will surely outgrow its pot as it is one of the larger Philodendron species.

I like the glossy leaves of this Philodendron. Sadly, the seller don't know the name. This plant looks very much like P. cordatum.

Another Philodendron that will outgrow its pot. I haven't seen an adult specimen of this plant. I hope it will grow bigger soon.

This one, they told me to be Philodendron x 'Dwarf Congo'. It is quiet small and is great for group plantings.

The new leaf of this plant is very decorative. I am excited how this will turn out when it grows to an adult. It may be related to P. x 'Prince of Orange' or P. x 'Cherry Red'.

This one looked like Philodendron x 'Moonlight'. 

I really like the leaves of this hybrid. It needs a totem soon. It looks like a climber and I look forward for its growing in a pole.

I bought this Philodendron billietiae just today. I love this species. I hope it will grow to its potential size someday.

This one looked like Philodendron squamiferum. It has unique petioles with hairy protrusions.

This plants is a climber and possibly a P. erubescens hybrid.

A nice plant with serrated leaves. It may be P. x 'Red Empress' but I'm not sure.

There are much more varieties of Philodendron to collect. I just wish I can collect them all. hehehe

May your Philodendrons thrive and multiply.

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